martes, 24 de marzo de 2015


They'd spent the first night at an ostrich farm midway between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Most ostrich farm bred the birds fort their pocked, leathery skin, popular for belts and handbagas and also for their meat, but this one was a sanctuary for mistreated ostriches or those recued form the slaughterhouse. At duck, Martine and Ben had sat on the rails of a corral and they watched them strut around their paddock in clouds of sunset-tinted dust, their wrinkly neck gliding up and down like periscopes. The farmer told Martine that the great birds could be quite bad-tempered at times, and they wouldn't hesitate to use their prehistoric toes to kick anything or anybody they disliked. I liked this book .....because it's funny and good; because when you finish a sotre you start another one. Reneé (3º Primaria)

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  1. Me encantan los libros de la biblioteca. Y me gusta mucho Santi.

  2. La biblioteca es muy chula. Santi es muy buen bibliotecario, es la caña de España.
    Me encanta la cantidad de libros que hay. Me gusta que Santi nos deje participar y ayudarlo. Cuenta cuentos muy bien.
    Un graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan saludo. XD ;-) : ) = ) ($_$) (*-*) (^3^) (^-^) (¿-?) (^o^)